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Word from Mindy Mylrea - Ultimate Flirty Girl
Testimonials from Group X Managers
Testimonials from Flirty Girl Fitness Instructors & Participants
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"Booty Beat Benefits" Flyer

What is the Flirty Girl Fitness Professional Program?

We have taken the fun, fabulous, fitness that the Flirty Girl Fitness brand is known for and created an amazingly effective and uniquely entertaining format designed for use in gyms and fitness facilities everywhere. University tested and recognized by ACE, AFAA and CFP, Flirty Girl Fitness, Booty Beat is a cardio-intensive, dance-based fitness program that is easy to learn and outrageously fun.

What is Booty Beat

When flirty, fabulous dance meets choreography with a purpose; the result is a fun, effective way to condition the entire body inside and out. The Flirty Girl Fitness program, Booty Beat, is an outrageously entertaining cardio intensive dance-based class that works the entire body. Using the easy to learn Flirty Girl Foundation Moves, participants will quickly "own" the movement and experience the fabulous feeling that dancing gives you, while reaping the benefits of strength and cardiovascular exercise all in one class.

Flirty Girl Fitness

Word from Mindy Mylrea - Ultimate Flirty Girl

"Flirty Girl Fitness Booty Beat is one of the most fun and effective fitness programs that I am excited to represent and be a part of. I look forward to every opportunity I have to share Booty Beat with other fitness professionals and to "Flirtify" women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and abilities in this fun, fabulous, cardio-crazy, uniquely entertaining format. Let's Dance!"

"I wouldn't associate my name with anything that wasn't an A+ winner. Flirty Girl Fitness is off the charts!"

Mindy Mylrea
2008 ECA Best Female Presenter
1999 International IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year

Testimonials from Group X Managers

"As a 25-year veteran fitness professional, I am familiar with a myriad of fitness classes, programs, and so-called cutting edge techniques. My attitude is "been there, done that," which translates to, "I'm picky about my personal choice of exercise." I take fitness seriously. I have to admit, when I was approached to try a Flirty Girl Fitness class, I was more than hesitant. I wasn't sure the cardio component would be at the intensity I needed, as I want to work hard when I work out. Secondly, I am not at all a "dancer," so I was sure I would make a total fool of myself. Third, I figured this would be a workout that would require some serious sexiness.

As it turns out, I was wrong on all accounts. I began to sweat after the first 5 minutes! To me, this was a good sign. I thought, "hmmm, I'm actually sweating and working a little harder than I thought I would, and this is just the warm up." Then the specific dance moves began to come out. The genre of music is so diverse, I found myself reminiscing on music from the past, as well as new and trendy beats. Each song had a theme and a dance move accompanied to it that was TOTALLY EASY to perform and completely fun. I had a blast exercising! I actually remember some of the moves from the class, which typically I need to take a class with a dance-theme several times before I even start to "get it," never mind remember the movements and patterns. Flirty Girl is taught in such a fun and easy-to-follow format, that I found myself immersed in the experience, not worrying if I looked like I knew what I was doing, Everybody was moving with the instructor and getting it. It is not what I would have thought, and I am so glad that I took that first class. Now whenever I am at a fitness conference and Flirty Girl is on the docket, I'm there. Not just because the class is fun, I'm there for the kick-butt workout!"

Irene McCormick, M.S., C.S.C.S.
TRX Suspension Training Instructor
Fitness Presenter/Educator

"As a Fitness Coordinator, it is important that I provide my members with classes that are both fun and provide a great workout. Flirty Girl Fitness Booty Beat is the most successful class I have ever offered. The classes are packed! Every member who has taken the class loves it! The members who have enjoyed the class range in age from 20’s to 80’s, and they all have a great time! It is a fun cardio and strength training workout where time just seems to fly by! I have had members change their work schedules just to be sure they can attend the class, and one member who had stopped coming into the club to workout has decided to return every week just to take Booty Beat. Members love it, and they are bringing their friends to the class. I had to add a second class to my schedule the first week it was offered due to such high demand."

Anne White, M.S.
Fitness Coordinator
The Vinings Club
3859 Paces Ferry Road
Atlanta, GA 30339

Testimonials from Flirty Girl Fitness Instructors & Participants

"It's a workout that the fitness industry was built upon: fun, easy to follow and totally inspiring. You can't help but smile!"

June Kahn, 2009/2010 IDEA WORLD Fitness Instructor of the Year

"It's like the hottest moves from music videos. The choreography and dance moves are brilliant"

Shannon Elkins, DCAC Fitness Conventions Producer

"Thank you so much for starting me down what I believe will be a wonderful new path in my life!"

LiaMarin Waldron, Charlotte, NC

"Tonight I taught my 1st 'Booty Beat' class... They LOVED IT!!!!!"

Traci Rivera, Ocala, FL

"You simply have to try Flirty Girl Fitness!"

Shannon Fable, 2006 ACE Instructor of the Year

"It's easy to teach and easy for your class to learn."

Sherri McMillan, 2010 Can-Fit-Pro Presenter of the Year

Clubs Benefits

  • What does Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat™ have to offer your facility?
    Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat™ is a fun, fabulous cardio-intensive dance-based class that will have participants feeling like they are having fun with their friends rather than working out. Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat™ does not require any equipment or charge any licensing fees for use. All you need to get started is a professionally trained “Flirtified” Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor, space to move and a sound system.
  • We bring new members to you through advertising & PR exposure
    Flirty Girl Fitness® receives ongoing local, national and international press with appearances on local morning shows, Fox National News, Entertainment Tonight, The Doctor Oz Show, Canada's Next Top Model, and the recurring Flirty Girl Fitness® infomercial which invests several million dollars per year on national tv promoting the Flirty Girl Fitness™ brand. Wherever Flirty Girl Fitness® goes the media follows - generating excitement and discussion in the community. This brand recognition will drive people to your facility and once they take this outrageously fun & unique class they are sure to keep coming back. Additionally, The Flirty Girl Fitness® website features a “find a class” link that will drive people directly to you. receives an average of 60,000 unique visitors a month!
  • Members Success and Retention
    Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat™ is designed for everyone. The unique cueing methodology makes the class easy to follow and fun. Participants are able to master the movements on the first try, which gives them a feeling of immediate success and encourages them to come back again and again. Consistent participation leads to results that they can see and feel and these positive results are a key factor in member retention.
  • Cutting Edge Programming
    Dance-based exercise has recently come back into the forefront of group exercise. Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat™ is dance-based exercise that is easy to learn, fun to do, and will make every participant feel fabulous every time. Using the latest popular dance movements inspired by music videos, movies and the latest dance crazes, Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat™ is dance-based exercise at its most fun & effective and will have your facility on the cutting-edge of group exercise! Until now Flirty Girl Fitness® group classes have only been available at the Chicago and Toronto studios – be the first club in your area to offer Flirty Girl Fitness® classes.
  • Brand Support
    Flirty Girl Fitness® provides ongoing support and continuing education to our Flirtified Instructors through the FAB program. FAB Instructors are encouraged to fill their classes and create a sense of community and loyalty among participants. To that end, they are provided with new choreography DVDs and CDs, effective marketing ideas, a discussion forum, website support and other necessary assistance to help make Flirty Girl Fitness® Booty Beat™ a success at every facility.
  • University Tested
    Flirty Girl Fitness® has been clinically tested by two respected California Universities and published in the Journal of Applied Research. Key findings in the research were a remarkably high retention/compliance percentage and in exit interviews, the participants identified the program as fun and they looked forward to their next workout. Participants significantly improved cardiovascular fitness, increased strength and muscle tone, lost girth and weight while maintaining lean body mass.

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