Dance Today Teach Tomorrow


What is the Flirty Girl Fitness® Program?

When flirty, fabulous dance meets choreography with a strength-driven purpose; the result is a FUN, effective way to condition the entire body inside and out! The Flirty Girl Fitness® Program created by women for women works the entire body targeting specific muscle groups while maintaining super fun, non-stop cardio-dance moves. Using the easy to learn Flirty Girl Foundation Moves, participants will quickly "own" the movement and experience the fabulous feeling that dancing gives you, while reaping the benefits of strength and cardiovascular exercise all in one class!

What is the Flirtification Workshop?

The Flirtification workshop teaches you how to successfully teach a Flirty Girl Fitness® class. You will learn the Foundation Moves and F.L.I.R.T cueing system that will allow you to easily learn and instruct a Flirty Girl Fitness® class.

On the day of the workshop, you will receive the following materials:

  • Flirtification Instructor Training Manual
  • Booty Beat 1 Foundation Moves DVD
  • Booty Beat 1 Choreography DVD
  • Booty Beat Flirty, Fit & Fired Up! DVD
  • Booty Beat 1 Music CD
  • 0.6 ACE CECs and 6.0 AFAA CEUs
  • Flirty Girl Folder & Keychain
  • Flirty Girl Certificate of Completion

How do I find a workshop in my area?

Click here to find a list of workshops in your area. If you don't find any Instructor Training Workshops scheduled in your area, please keep checking as we update our website constantly.

My facility wants to host a Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor Training Workshop.
How do I do this?

If you know of a facility that might be interested in hosting a Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor Training Workshop, ask the potential host to send us an email using our contact form, or call us at 1-800-901-6157.

Is there a demand for Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructors?

Yes! Flirty Girl Fitness® is a nationally recognized brand with hundreds of thousands of at home workout customers. It is because of this demand we are bringing the Flirty Girl workout to local fitness clubs. Not only is there a demand, but you can easily create demand by spreading the buzz and educating your club managers about Flirty Girl Fitness®. Find a workshop near you.

How do I become a Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor?

The first step in becoming a Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor is to attend one of the Flirtification Workshops. Click here to view a list of the upcoming Flirtifications.

Once you've completed a Flirty Girl Fitness® Flirtification Workshop you are permitted to teach Flirty Girl Fitness® classes, use the "Flirty Girl Fitness®" name & logo in your class title, and advertise yourself as a Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor. Any other use of the Flirty Girl Fitness® name or logo must be approved by the Flirty Girl Fitness® corporate office. Flirty Girl Fitness® is a registered trademark of Flirty Girl Fitness INC . Anyone who teaches Flirty Girl Fitness® classes without having a current Certificate of Completion is in violation of trademark and copyright laws.

You may also choose to join the Flirty Girl Fitness® support and promotion network – FAB The Fabulous Association of Babes! This comprehensive system provides members with hot new choreography, killer new music beats, professional marketing materials and business card files, your own instructor listing on the Flirty Girl Fitness® website, discounts on Flirty Girl Active Wear and so much more!! Joining this program is optional, yet highly recommended.

How do I start teaching Flirty Girl Fitness® Classes?

After you complete your Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor Training Workshop you are an independent contractor with the rights to use the Flirty Girl Fitness® name and logo in your class titles - you can start teaching whenever you feel ready! As an independent contractor you negotiate and set up your own schedule, rates, terms, agreements, etc. with the facilities you choose to work with. The Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructor Training Workshop will teach you about the Flirty Girl Fitness® program and how to teach a class from warm-up to cool-down.

Are there any prerequisites?

As long as you are 18 years or older, there are no prerequisites for taking the Flirty Girl Fitness® Flirtification workshop. Although it helps if you have some fitness or dance background, not to worry, many of our well-known and successful Flirty Girl Fitness® Instructors were former students who did not have any teaching or dance experience prior to their Flirtification.

What should I bring or wear to the workshop?

We recommend that you bring:
  • a towel
  • water
  • healthy snack and lunch
  • Shoes for cardio and easy flow movements – Cross-trainers or dance specific sneakers
  • Your beautiful smile!

May I videotape or take pictures at the workshop?

Still image cameras are allowed. Video or DVD motion pictures are not allowed.

Is there a written or practical exam included in this workshop? Can you "fail" the workshop?

There is no written exam and no way to Fail the Flirtification, Flirty Girl suggests that you practice your Flirty Girl skills to perfection prior to teaching a class. You will leave the flirtification with everything you need to start teaching. It is up to you to master the moves and teaching techniques to truly shine as a top Flirty Girl.

How long is a Flirty Girl Fitness® Flirtification valid?

A Flirty Girl Fitness® Flirtification is valid for one year from date of completion. Members of our FAB program who receive the continuity DVD's and choreography maintain their certification as long as they remain in the program.